2020 Grassroots Advocacy Committee (GAC)

The GAC was started approximately 2 years ago to get NYSCHP membership engaged in advocacy through various efforts. CNYSHP started ramping up participating in the GAC in 2018, coinciding with the impending pharmacy technician crisis in New York State. Through the collective efforts of all members of the GAC, NYSCHP was able to successfully pass legislation preventing the impending crisis and successfully creating the profession of Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPT), hopefully being implemented in 2021.

Currently, the GAC is working on a number of advocacy topics including:

  • Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM) expansion
  • Pharmacist Immunization expansion
  • Expansion of the current Pharmacy Technician legislation of 2019
  • Provider status for Pharmacists in the State of New York

We have created this page in the hopes that we can share with our membership updates to our ongoing advocacy activities. ANY MEMBER who is interested in joining the GAC should contact Peter Aiello, local GAC chairperson by emailing