NYSCHP CDTM Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic Survey

Email from Andrew Kaplan, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP, Vice President of Public Policy

To perform CDTM in New York State requires the patient to provide a written consent; we are one of few states which require this.

With COVID-19 and the shift to telehealth, many patients may not be able to physically sign a consent document. Many patients in rural or low-income communities many not have access to fax machines, email, etc. We have heard concerns that the requirement that consent be written is a barrier to care.

NYSCHP has therefore requested the Governor use his executive authority to strike the “written” requirement for consent for CDTM during the pandemic. Click HERE to view the letter and other COVID-19 interventions taken by NYSCHP.

We would like to hear if this barrier has impacted you or any services you are aware of, in order to better quantify how prevalent the issue is in NYS and report this to the Governor.

Click here for CDTM survey.